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I need feminism because people care about my safety!! =( • /r/TumblrInAction


My Bustle contribution landed me my own sub-reddit. God, I’m sobbing. I’ve been proven wrong by a bunch of dudes who sit around on the internet all day. My feminist politics have been defeated.

You are right, men of Reddit. People care about my safety and I’m wrong to blame that on a lack of feminism. If only they would care about my male friends the same way. If only they gifted them pepper spray and warned them about rapists and how it’s better to wear their hair in a bun than a ponytail because it’s harder to grab hold of.

You are right, men of Reddit. I wish that my loved ones would encourage my male friends to take a self-defense class, because they’re considered “weak” and unable to fight back, too, right?

You are right, men of Reddit. If I get raped when I’m out on a run by myself, it would my fault that I was chosen and not the man who passed me a few minutes ago. It’s my fault that my hypothetical attacker decided to beat and rape me instead of mug the other guy. It couldn’t be… that a man isn’t as “easy” to attack, could it? That a woman is, according to society, a natural victim, natural prey.

You are right, men of Reddit. Because it would be my fault that I put myself in that situation — the same situation as a man — in the first place. I would have asked to get raped, right? She was asking for it is a common rebuff for rape claims. Gee, I wonder why about 80 percent of all rapes are never reported. Couldn’t be because of fear of victim blame, could it?

You men of Reddit, the ones who say that the patriarchy isn’t responsible for women, that rape culture doesn’t exist, that a woman is stupid for taking the same chances a man would take blindly, are the reason why I need feminism. You’re probably men who use “legitimate rape" in all seriousness, who call me stupid for asking for protection and understanding. You are the reason why I need feminism.

I don’t need feminism to protect me from attacks. That’s not what I’m asking. I need feminism because if I am attacked, society says it was my fault. If a man was in the same situation, it’s a horrible chance. I need feminism because I am discouraged from doing the same things a man can do without hesitation because I am the weaker sex.

If this was all a little too much for you to digest, please, by all means, send me more hate mail on anon. I revel in it; people hidden by a mask of internet anonymity hurling slurs and hate towards people with differing views. If you truly care about your anti-feminist views, attach your name to them, just as I attach my name to my beliefs. Or are you afraid to because yours aren’t really socially acceptable and would make you seem like a total asshole to your girlfriend or wife (if she exists at all), your mothers and sisters, your female coworkers, and all the women you encounter throughout the day?

I’m not going to back down, and I am not going to cower in fear. I need feminism, and I will fight for it. So bring it on.

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"I think the strongest prayer I’ve ever prayed is a single phrase I declared with complete honesty: God, I have no idea what you’re doing, but I trust you."

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